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4 Reasons why you should hire a Professional Garage Door Technician

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There are many reasons why you would want to fix your garage door by yourself or professional garage door technician. It could be an easy issue with the door, or you’re just really good with fixing things. Or maybe just plain curious. We understand that although some garage door problems can easily be fixed by anyone, but then there are others you just have to leave for the professionals. At Dave Moseley, we want you to be safe and at the same time have your garage door functioning perfectly. That’s why we put together this article to let you know the importance of hiring a professional garage door technician to fix your garage door problems.

Reasons why you need a professional Garage Door Technician to Handle your Garage Door problems

There are instances when you feel you can fix your garage door by yourself. But you might create more problems for yourself by tinkering with delicate parts in the mechanism. What if you encounter the problem and realize you don’t have the tools for it? You end up leaving it unfinished, which is worse than how you found it. Then at that time, you would have convinced yourself that you need a professional, in the end fixing it will cost more than initially.

#1 A professional has the needed skills

It’s very evident that a professional knows exactly how to solve any problem you have. You, on the other hand, may not be as experienced as they are in fixing a garage door. You will avoid creating more problems and save time and money by working with a qualified garage door technician.

#2 You save more money

Fixing your door by yourself can turn out to be a situation of trial and error. This is will cause you to waste a lot of money as you will be trying to figure out what works best in solving your current problem. Avoid this wastage by calling a certified garage door technician to help you.

#3 You save time

Like we said in reason #1, you will save time when you work with a professional. You fixing the problem by yourself when you don’t know where to find the issue is time-consuming. An experienced technician will know exactly what to do and with what tools to do it. In the end, you save yourself time. You can solve your problem and continue with the rest of your day.

#4 It is safer

Of course, this almost goes without saying. If you try to work on machinery you are not licensed to work on, you present yourself to hazardous situations. Especially if you don’t have an engineering background. You expose yourself to unnecessary occupational risks that a professional would have been in a much better situation to handle.

Guaranteed Quality Garage Door Repair Services

An experienced professional is the best to offer you this guarantee. When you rush into solving a problem by yourself, there’s no guarantee it will come out without worse problems being generated. Do yourself a favor, call a garage door specialist.

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4 Ways to Keep your Garage Door Functional and Avoid Repairs

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Just like any form of machinery, your garage door repairs are subject to wear and tear. Being inattentive to your garage door can lead you to problems at inconveniencing times. You don’t want that. So if you want to avoid calling for emergency garage door repairs, when you have important things on your schedule to get to, you should read this. We are going to tell you the simple things you can do to avoid your garage door going bad.

4 Ways to Maintain your Garage Door and Avoid Emergency Repairs

Certain routine activities can help you avoid the breakdown of your garage door. Pay attention to the hints we will drop below. Rest assured, with the strong backing of a reliable garage door servicing company, you will never have problems with your garage door.

#1 Call your Garage door technician as soon as your door gets faulty

A stitch in time saves nine. Instead of trying to look into the problem by dismantling parts (which is unsafe), call your garage door technician immediately. This will save you time, energy and money (we covered the reasons why here). A professional is in a better position to solve your problem as quickly as possible so you can go on with your daily schedule. And that way you avoid creating further problems for yourself. Call the garage door technician that residents of Berlin, NJ trust.

#2 Regularly maintain your Garage door

Your garage door is made of metal and moving parts. It’s important to keep these parts well-oiled and lubricated. Also, endeavor to clean out dust from the garage door track. Remember that water is an enemy to most metals, they cause rust. When you maintain your garage door regularly, you keep yourself safe from accidents that may occur due to malfunctioning moving parts.

#3 Realign the Garage door sensors

If the position of your sensors changes, it could lead to some unpleasant problems. Problems like your garage door closing and opening at inappropriate times. When the sensors are aligned properly, you get your door functioning well. How to align your garage door sensors? Move them to their right positions, ensure they are facing each other. A bright red light will signal when they’re in the right position, as opposed to a faint blinking warning light.

#4 Check for wear and tear regularly

This is a generally recognized safe practice. You can use this on just about machinery with moving parts. When metal moves on metal (no matter how well-lubricated), over time wear and tear is bound to occur. You can notice this when the metal surfaces show evidence of scratching or shaving. The older your door, the more signs of wear and tear you will find. Endeavor to call a garage door technician if you see any cause for worry.

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