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When to call a Garage Door Technician for Repairs

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Most of the times we ignore problems with our garage doors until it becomes unbearable and hard not to notice. But forming a habit of inspecting your garage door at least once a year will save you a lot of trouble. In addition, you spend less in the long run because you won’t have to spend money replacing parts that are damaged beyond repair. Which a garage door technician will have to replace in those situations.

So when inspecting your garage door, what do you look out for? What do you find on your garage door mechanism that gives an indication that your garage door needs to serviced by a garage door repair technician? That is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Below you will find obvious signs of situations when you need to call a garage door technician.

When do you need to call a garage door technician?

#1 I hear Annoying Noises in my Garage Door

Although it is normal for old moving parts to make squeaking noises, but when this gets excessive you have to pay attention to it. It may be an indication of problems bigger than you expected it to be. You could be having problems with the springs, bearings or the motor of your garage door.

#2 My Garage door makes inconsistent movements

When you notice your garage door operates in a manner that isn’t smooth, then you have an issue that’s deeper than it looks. Your garage door is supposed to operate conveniently and smoothly. So when you begin to notice jumpy and inconsistent movements in your garage door, it could be an indication of broken parts in the interior of the mechanism. You should call a garage door technician to come and fix this for you.

#3 My Garage Door is not opening/closing

What could be more obvious than this? This is a major indication that your garage door is bad. Many people think this is a very serious problem that will require them to change the entire door. But that is seldom the solution to this problem. If you get a technician to look into this problem, they’ll be able to give you a conclusive diagnosis of the problem. It could be broken springs or a problem with the motor, of which a slight adjustment may solve the problem. But who knows better than a professional? You know what to do.

#4 There’s a problem with Garage Door Spring tension

It is recommended that you check the balance of your garage door monthly. The best way to do this is to put the door in manual mode by disconnecting the opener from the door. Then manually raise or lower the door to the midway position and leave it in that position. If the door is heavy to lift from that position, then you can tell there’s a problem with the spring. However, it’s best to leave this for the professionals. Because if you try to solve this problem by yourself, you may have some problems with safety. Without the right tools and technical know-how, you could seriously injure yourself or damage something and incur more costs for repairs.

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4 Great Reasons Why you need a Garage Door Service Plan

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Garage Door Service

Truth be told, except our garage door service develops a fault, we barely think about it. Right? The most thought you could give to your garage door (assuming it’s in perfect working condition right now) is to make sure it’s completely open before you drive out in the morning and firmly shut before you go to bed at night. But for a few reasons, which we will mention, you really need to give a little more thought to your garage door. Let’s tell you about four of them:

Garage door

Garage door

#1 Unseen damages need to be addressed

The garage door is a made of materials that are subject to wear and tear. You know, because of the moving part. Also, humidity, high and low temperatures, dust and other things contribute to the corrosion and aging of your garage door. Just like other parts of your home, your garage door needs some attention in terms of corrective maintenance.

#2 Your garage door needs regular maintenance

Your garage door, as we mentioned above, has moving parts. Moving parts rub against each other when in operations. Except they are made of vibranium (fictional super-strong metal), they need to be maintained regularly. Periodically oiling and cleaning can go a long way to make your garage door last without a fault. But there are things a professional can do for you, which takes us to point #3…

#3 Save Money

Unless you are a professional garage door technician, you will one day need a professional to work on your garage door should it develop a fault. That’s why regular maintenance puts off this situation as long as possible. Whatever the case may be, if you had a garage door service plan, you would’ve had a technician who would come and check on your garage door at pre-determined regular periods. In the long run, this will save you a ton of your hard-earned dollars and you’ll be thankful you read this post. You’re welcome.

#4 Industrial and Commercial Garage doors need maintenance also

Imagine a situation where your business grinds to a halt because of a faulty garage door. Just imagine that. Imagine the productivity you will lose, the time you will lose and the… oh, the money. Don’t let this happen to you. More than garage doors in residential buildings, the garage doors in industrial and commercial buildings need maintenance. This cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes you may think your garage door is fully functional but maybe the security system is faulty and could be easily compromised. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen before you find out. Avoid a situation where you lose money and disappoint your customers. Get regular maintenance from a professional garage door technician.

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