Garage Door Installation: Common Mistakes To Avoid

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Garage Door Installation: Common Mistakes To Avoid

As a homeowner, your garage door installation is one aspect that contributes to security in your home. Your vehicle, tools, and other valuables need to be protected from thieves; thus, a properly installed garage door is essential.

This may seem like a simple task but there are some installation mistakes that you should watch out for. If you fail to avoid these errors your garage safety might be compromised.

Well, there is no need to panic; we are at your service. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common errors to avoid during garage door installation for a safe home. This should serve as a helpful tip so as to avoid common mistakes.

Let’s get started!

Some Garage Door Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

You may face several problems while installing a garage door. However, being aware of these mistakes can prevent you from making them. We have outlined some of them for you below.

1. Improper measurement techniques

You take your first step towards avoiding installation mistakes by avoiding measurement miscalculation. You must never make this mistake when installing a garage door. This can render your garage door ineffective and can also ruin its aesthetic. Here are some measurement mistakes you should look out for:

  • Improper width and height measurement: Inaccurate measuring of the width and height of your garage door opening may undermine all attempts to install it. Make sure you’re inch perfect when you measure the width and height to ensure an excellent fitting of the door.
  • Wrong headroom and side room measurement: Your garage door requires an accurate measurement of the headroom and side room to ensure proper fitting. If the measurements are wrong, your garage door may not work well or end up obstructed.
  • Ignoring floor slope: During your garage door installation, floor slope measurement is critical. In case they are ignored, it can lead to irregular shutting or splits at the lowest part of the entryway.
  • Neglecting obstructions: If you notice some barriers in your garage door such as pipes or lights then do not ignore them. This is a common error that most homeowners overlook. Make sure you measure around these obstructions so that the door can open and close well.
  • Forgetting clearances: Don’t forget to leave enough clearance space around your garage door. Especially for doors with tracks and mechanisms. Ignoring them can cause the door to bind or get damaged during operation.
  • Wrong sizing of door opener: When installing your garage door opener, make sure the door size fits the opener’s specifications. If they are not compatible, you’ll be risking your garage’s safety.

2. Ignoring manufacturer instructions

Manufacturers’ instructions are essential guidelines that you need to comply with when installing a garage door. Failure to follow through with these instructions can compromise your garage’s safety. ​​Here are some reasons why you should obey these instructions:

  • Safety concerns: Safety rules are incorporated into manufacturer instructions. Not complying with these instructions can cause accidents or injuries.
  • Warranty voidance: Most manufacturers have customized installation guide outlines to make the warranty valid. Non-compliance with the given instructions implies liability on your part for any future repairs and replacements.
  • Improper functionality: User guidelines provided by the manufacturer assist you during the installation of the product. Failing to abide by them will lead to operational issues including improper alignment, tight or stiff opening and closing, as well as premature wear.
  • Property damage: If you ignore the manufacturer’s instructions, you’lll get a wrong garage door installation process. This can damage your door, surrounding structures, and other properties in your garage.

3. Poor tools and equipment

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For the installation process to run smoothly, you will need some basic tools and equipment when installing your garage door. However, if these tools and equipment are defective or inadequate they can ruin the whole process. Let’s show you how:

  • Incomplete installation: Your garage door installation may be impossible to complete with defective or poor-quality tools and equipment. This undermines the normal functioning and security of the garage door.
  • Safety hazards: Using the wrong tools, or even trying to cut corners through improvised gear and equipment can lead to safety hazards during installation. This promotes the occurrence of accidents, injuries, or property damage.
  • Damage to components: The use of sub-standard tools or the wrong equipment may not be precise enough, nor will it possess sufficient strength required for proper installation. This may damage various components of your garage door requiring costly repairs or replacements.
  • Incorrect assembly: Some tools are specially designed for tasks involving assembling; such as tightening bolts, securing brackets, or adjustments of tension. Using makeshift tools can lead to incorrect assembling and this affects the operation alignment of your garage door.
  • Increased installation time: Working with inadequate tools can be frustrating, and difficult and ends up wasting your time. This delay in completing the installation process can leave your garage vulnerable to theft.

4. Faulty weather-proofing and insulation

Faulty weather-proofing and insulation is a huge mistake homeowners should avoid during garage door installation. Here’s why:

  • Higher heating or cooling costs: Weather-proofing and insulation should be done well during your garage door installation process. This ensures proper temperature inside the garage. However, if not done right this could result in higher heating or cooling bills.
  • Moisture infiltration: Moisture entering your garage might be caused by poor weather-proofing. This results in the buildup of molds and mildew. If this moisture entry continues over time, it can damage your stored items, floor finishes, and structural components of your garage.
  • Comfort Issues: Discomfort when using the garage for activities or as a storage room may occur due to bad insulation and weather-proofing. High temperatures, cold drafts, and humidity levels can destroy the valuables in your garage rendering it unusable due to its unsafe nature.
  • Durability: If there is proper weather-proofing and insulation on your garage door, it can increase the longevity and safety of surrounding structures. On the other hand, if they are not done properly, the garage door, tracks, and hardware can get damaged or wear prematurely due to extreme temperatures. 

5. Forgetting to test and make adjustments

The final stages of garage door installation include; testing and adjustments. Failure to do this can result in severe repercussions. Let’s show you why you must test and make proper adjustments:

  • Proper functionality: During the testing of your garage door, if there are problems or any malfunction that may have been developed in its installation process, you can easily pick it out. You can now adjust, align, and lubricate moving parts to the door to operate correctly.
  • Prevention of damage: Testing and adjusting the garage door can help prevent damage to the door, surrounding structures, or vehicles. It is always preferable to address minor problems early enough so as not to allow bigger ones to develop after a while.
  • Longevity: With the right checks and corrections on your garage door its efficiency and lifespan can be prolonged. It will also help it to work smoothly and quietly, providing you with reliable access to the garage for years to come.

6. Poor maintenance planning

To ensure that your garage door is functional for a long time, there are certain maintenance checks you need to schedule at regular intervals. It is a bad call to overlook maintenance checkups for your garage door after installation. Let’s show you why:

  • Premature wear and tear: Lack of regular check-ups can cause certain parts and mechanisms in your garage door like springs, rollers, track, and hinges to deteriorate fast, leading to premature breakdown.
  • Safety hazards: Failure to perform maintenance procedures on your garage door parts can compromise its safety much sooner than it should. That’s not all, these worn and damaged parts may suddenly fail, causing accidents or injuries to people or properties.
  • Operational issues: Poor maintenance leads to operational problems such as jarring movements or difficulties in opening and closing the door. This is quite depressing for a garage owner as your garage becomes unsafe to store your valuables.

Why You Need a Professional for Your Garage Door Installation 

When it comes to your garage door installation, DIY methods can be a fun experience. However, if you don’t have the right skill and equipment you might end up damaging your old door, or structure, or worse case injuring yourself. For the safety and proper installation of your new door, it’s best to leave it to experienced DIYers or call a professional garage door opener installation company. While some yourselfers may be able to successfully install a new garage door opener, it is a complex and potentially dangerous task that is best left to trained professionals. Don’t risk your safety and the functionality of your new automatic garage door opener by attempting to install it yourself. Trust the experts for a smooth and efficient installation process, as well as the assembling and mounting of the carriage tube for the door’s movement using a belt drive mechanism.

Let’s show you why it’s best to let the professionals handle it, rather than attempting a risky DIY project for your new home

  • Expertise and experience: Garage doors differ and have different installation processes. Professionals have the right skills required to install any type of garage door efficiently. 
  • Safety: In the process of garage door installation, heavy equipment and tools are employed which can cause accidents when mishandled. Professionals are taught the right installation methods and safety guidelines. They know how to ensure that the installation process is conducted without injuries or accidents.
  • Correct installation: For your garage door to work effectively and stay long, you need a proper installation process. This is where the professionals come in, they make sure that the door is installed right, including alignment and tension adjustment. They also ensure that the hardware elements, such as a spring system, are installed correctly for optimal results. DIY installation of garage door springs can be dangerous and may result in injury or damage to your door, not to mention potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. It is best to leave this task to a professional, especially when dealing with old garage doors, for a safe and cost-effective installation. Plus, hiring a professional for your garage door installation can save you hundreds of dollars in potential repairs down the line.
  • Time and convenience: Professionals bring along the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to conduct a quick installation process for you. They can also handle any unexpected problems that could occur during the installation, saving you time and stress.

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