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Replacement Garage Door Remote: How to Reprogram It

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For one reason or the other you’ve lost the one device that helps you open your garage door while still in your car. Maybe someone destroyed it, or by some funny stroke of luck, it was stolen. Or you probably misplaced it somewhere and can’t seem to find where it is. Well gladly, your days of opening your garage door from a distance aren’t over. Thankfully, replacement garage door remote exist for this reason.

In this blog post, we want to acquaint you with the use of your replacement garage door remote. You will learn how to reprogram it so you can get back to remotely opening your garage door. There are a few things to know first about your new garage door remote.

Reprogramming your Garage Door Remote

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Reprogramming your Replacement Garage door remote

Older garage door remote controllers have quite a few differences from the moderns one today.

You will observe that on the older versions, there are tiny code switches with which you can switch the device on or off. On the other hand, the modern versions of the remotes sport a rolling code system.

The advantage of the newer garage door remotes is that anytime you press it, it generates a fresh code and this means stronger security. No one will memorize your code, hoping to gain unauthorized entry into your garage by stealing your remote. It will be a total waste of time.

So when purchasing your replacement garage door remote…

Make sure you purchase one with the same manufacturer and model as your garage door opener. Because sometimes, even if you buy the universal garage door remote, you still have to make sure the frequency of the remote matches the door opener.

This kind of thing can create problems later if you don’t pay attention to it.

Also professional garage door technicians can help you make smart choices when it has to do with your garage door remote. We don’t only do the heavy-lifting when it comes to the largest moving machinery in your home, we can help with it’s little devices too.

Contact Dave Moseley The Garage Door Guy and get expert advise on buying a replacement garage door remote and reprogramming it.

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