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How to Safely Operate your Garage Door

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Your garage door is very important to your home, but it could easily change from being a useful utility to a pain in the butt if you don’t know to operate it safely. For work efficiently it needs to be maintained and serviced regularly to prevent malfunctions. As a homeowner, there a few safety skills you need to have to use it without headaches and spending lots of money on repairs.

A homeowner who doesn’t know much about it’s safety and maintenance may end up spending a lot of money on their garage door and it won’t even function effectively.

A lot garage door features are put in place to keep your properties and home from being broken into or vandalized. Learning to keep these features functional ensures it stays safe for you and your family.

How do you ensure your Garage door is safe?

Conduct regular maintenance with a Garage door company

Hiring a skilled technician who can check your garage door for damages and ensure that the door is operating in optimum condition is good safety practice. Sometimes you may observe something odd about it’s device mechanism, but without the expertise of the technician, you wouldn’t know what you’re looking at. Or how serious it is. These professionals are in the best position to make repairs and replacements without creating more problems for you.

Test the safety features

From time to time, test the safety features installed to ensure they still work properly. For example, test the remote system and the sensors installed to reverse the door movement in case of an obstruction (such as a person or object) in the way. These sensors must respond quickly to prevent accidents and injury.

Check your Garage door regularly

The number one most common way of keeping just about any machinery in good working condition is conducting regular checks on it. Ask any engineer. Ensure your door is in good condition and working properly. Do this by looking it over at least once a month. Since a garage door is in constant use, check for wear and tear. Check the safety features, springs, cables, the lock and other structural parts in the mechanism device.

Unplug when not in use for a long time

In situations when it is not in use for extended periods of time such as a vacation, it is a safe practice to unplug it. It is an important safety practice because you will be overriding the remote system and automatic opening controls so the door doesn’t open without restoring it back to power. This will protect children who may be around and avoid accidents when you’re not around.

Garage Door Professional near you

Having a Garage door professional on hand (or in your contact books) is your first and surest path to it’s safety. They are also great at introducing you to new safety features and devices that you can use on your garage door to avoid problems and keep your personal belongings safe. This is a contact to keep on your phone: Dave Moseley Door Services 856-275-7766.

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